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‘British Ferrari’

The Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll is the Chairman of Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings and part-owner of Aston Martin FI Team. He made most of his money through investments in luxury brands such as Pierre Cardin, Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger.

“My intention is to build a business that will have the strongest profile of any luxury automotive brand,” he said in an interview with BBC TV (2.3.2021) “Ferarri has a great Business model. Aston Martin has a 108 year old iconic heritage and there are many similarities with Ferrari. F1, for a luxury automotive company, is the greatest platform in the world for many initiatives. 80% of the people who watch F1, about 100 million, are luxury performance car buyers. So we will be taking the technology from our F1 cars and put those into our road cars.”

Lawrence Stroll is a collector of vintage Ferraris including a 275GTB/4 Spyder which he bought for $27.5 million. He owns the Canadian race car circuit Circuit Mont-Tremblant and has a Ferrari dealership in Quebec. His son Lance is a racing driver and is part of the F1 Aston Martin Team.

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