Tiffaney – Watch this space

When it comes to motorsport in Monaco, Tiffany Perlino is a high flyer. She has been a member of the Automobile Club Monaco since 2008 and competed nine times in the historic Monte Carlo Rally as co-driver and twice as driver in a beautiful bright yellow 1972 Lanica Fulvia HF 1600. She also holds two important positions in the motoring world.

“I have always loved anything on wheels and I was thrilled to be asked in 2019 to be President of the Women in Motorsport  Commission for the Automobile Club Monaco,” she said. “ The aim of the commission is to share our passion, knowledge and experience and encourage other women to participate in the exciting world of motorsport. Then I received another invitation to be the Monaco National Representative for Women in Motorsport Commission FIA  which is presided over by Michèle Mouton.”

Tiffany has lived in Monaco for over 30 years and was introduced by her husband, Silvio, into the world of rallying. She wants to show that motorsport is open to girls and women on many different levels, as a profession but also as a thrilling hobby. It’s not just a man’s world out there, there is room for women too.

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